“Becoming an accredited school is a strenuous process. Corpus Christi Catholic School and its administration are to be highly commended for their efforts in this accreditation process. The self-study document and the various arrangements for the accreditation team were well organized and appreciated.

The committee of the visiting team hereby expresses sincere gratitude to the faculty, staff and students at Corpus Christi for the opportunity to serve on the visiting team and for the many kindnesses shown to us during our visit. Each of us on the committee has grown as a result of the experience.

This school obviously is a quality school. Its exceptional caliber as a Catholic educational institution was reflected in the comments and observations of the visiting team. We were delighted with the whole climate of the school. Corpus Christi Catholic School speaks out for the Catholic faith to the students and to the community effectively.”

–MNSAA Accreditation Team, March, 2011