Alumni News

Corpus Christi Celebrates Our Graduates

This month weare sharing about siblings Francis and Emily LaPorte, graduates of Corpus Christi in 2009 and 2011 respectively.  Francis, a Trumpet Performance Major, studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  Emily studies at Villanova University majoring in their Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and Humanities Honors Program.  Both excelled academically and spiritually while at Corpus Christi, during high school, and in college.

In addition to their education focus at college, both are actively involved in their faith life.  Emily is a liturgical minister, a member of Fiat (Catholic Women’s group), the Catholic Student’s Association, and the Caritas Program where she visits elderly and infirmed Augustinian Friars.  Francis is actively involved with the Catholic Newman Student Center at the University as well as with the Opus Dei House in Montreal.

Both credit their experiences at Corpus Christi with helping to form their faith journey as well as with providing the educational foundation to prepare them for high school and college.  What better way to sum this up than with a quote from each.

Francis:  “I believe it is important for the young child to learn to associate faith with the intellect.  So often, faith is seen as the opposite of education, as something akin to superstition or bias.  It was at Corpus Christi that I first began the journey to discovering that faith is behind all logic, truth, and beauty.”

Emily:  “My Villanova experience has been absolutely amazing, and Corpus Christi deserves credit for shaping me, my faith, and my values in important, fruitful ways!”  

Congratulations Emily and Francis, we’re proud of you!