We Are an Easter People
Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Imagine the most fantastic and outlandish TRUE story that you have ever heard. Why did you believe it? When I am told true stories that are hard to believe, I accept their truth because I trust and know the storyteller. For nearly 2,000 years believers, through the Church, have been telling a whopper of a true story. Jesus Christ has risen!

Christ's resurrection changes all of human history — the power of death is at an end and we can live in hope. During the 50 days of Easter (until Pentecost), we journey with the first Christians as they come to terms with this fantastic account of Christ's coming back from the dead. Easter invites us to celebrate, connect our story of faith to that of the church, and to pass that on to others.

Praying is not just words. Easter calls us to take our prayer to the next level.

Pay attention: In Mass, the somberness of Lent is over, and we are invited to celebrate the Good News. The power of death and sin is at an end. We have entered a new age of history. When we come to church during the Easter season our attitude, posture and language are different.

Activity: Have your children name the differences in the words, the decorations, and our actions — all are different from any other time of year. The priest is wearing white and gold. Alleluia is proclaimed! We are sprinkled with the waters of baptism. Flowers are everywhere. For the next seven Sundays these will be a part of our liturgies. Between those Sundays, also pay attention to new life growing in the springtime. Paying attention helps see how the Resurrection changes each of us, and all of human history.

Respond. The sprinkling rite during the Easter liturgies reminds us that we are baptized Christians who joyfully respond to the Resurrection. During the Easter season we will hear about "doubting" Thomas, the Road to Emmaus and other stories that tell us of how Jesus' first disciples came to accept the reality of his resurrection.
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