Corpus Christi’s Daycare and Before-/After-Care programs are here to provide your child with a safe and healthy learning environment while they wait to go home on the bus, with a parent, or another authorized adult. Both programs operate on-site, providing your child with a structured, yet more relaxed opportunity to socialize, play and do crafts, start their homework, and get some fresh air, if the weather permits.

Daycare serves children in Preschool and Kindergarten. Our Before-/After-School care serves children in grades 1-6. Both programs run from 7:30am to 8:15am and 11:15am-6:00pm on school days.

As noted on our Early Childhood page, the Enrichment program extends the morning preschool schedules by providing a curriculum that supports the 2-day and 3-day preschool programs, essentially creating an optional 5 mornings per week preschool program.

The CCCS care programs operate on the same days as the Corpus Christi school calendar. If the school is not in session on a regular weekday (scheduled vacation or closed due to weather, for example) our Daycare will not be operating either. For those days when there is a two hour delay in the morning due to inclement weather/temporarily dangerous road conditions, etc., our Daycare will not be available until 11:15am. Both programs will run to 6:00pm as usual.

Parents must register their child(ren) before using either of these programs.

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