March 15, 2019 News

Unit 3 Week 4 Spelling List

5-15 minutes each night working with your child on spelling the words. If you would like any ideas or help with how to do so, do not hesitate to ask!

3.4 Words

  • call
  • ask
  • drop
  • help
  • plan
  • helped
  • planned
  • called
  • dropped
  • asked

High frequency words: again, soon

Note: Ferdinand Permission Slip Time

The permission slip that most of you signed and returned already said we would be leaving school at 8:45 am, when we will actually be leaving school at 9:40 am.  I will remind you again before then, but your child will need to bring a lunch from home that day, as we will not be returning to school until after West Ottawa serves lunch for our students.

For those who have not sent it in yet, please return it signed by March 22nd.

Dutch Dance Resale

On Thursday, May 9th, Corpus Christi 1st – 5th Graders will again walk in the Tulip Time Parade. Your child will need to wear a dutch costume in order to walk, if he/she does not have one already. Parents are more than welcome to walk in the parade with us, but if doing so, need to be in costume as well.

There is a Dutch Costume Resale event taking place soon and here are the details:

When: March 26th from 5-8 pm

Where: Harderwyk Church on the Northeast corner of Lakewood and 160th

 In First Grade This Week…

Students learned about the following things in the various subject areas:

  • Religion
    • Jesus rose from the dead for our salvation
    • Jesus’s ascension into Heaven
    • the meaning of the Paschal Mystery
    • the words and motions we say before hearing the Gospel reading at Mass
    • daily afternoon prayer of the Apostles Creed with 5th Grade buddies
    • Stations of the Cross on Friday mornings with 5th Grade buddies
  • Virtue focus
    • honesty  (trustfulness in words and actions)
    • ways to encourage honesty:
      • going to confession (especially during this Lenten season)
      • telling the truth
      • admitting when you’ve done something wrong
      • sharing equally
      • doing your own work
  • Math
    • counting by ones to 120
    • counting by tens to 120
    • understanding hundreds, tens, and ones (place value)
    • addition fact fluency
    • Chapter 6 Test
  • Reading
    • phonics focus: or, ore
    • adding -s to verbs when it is one person doing the action
    • not adding -s to verbs when it is about two or more
    • adding -es to words
    • fact and opinion
  • Writing
    • poem “The Alligator”
  • Science
    • animals and their habitats
    • ducks and their ducklings

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Drummond