March 8, 2019 News

Unit 3 Week 3 Spelling List

5-15 minutes each night working with your child on spelling the words. If you would like any ideas or help with how to do so, do not hesitate to ask!

*There was no spelling test this week, due to the shortness of the week. Therefore, we will continue working with the following word list next week for the test on Friday.

3.3 Words

  • bus
  • buses
  • wish
  • wishes
  • class
  • classes
  • kiss
  • kisses
  • fix
  • fixes

High frequency words: help, use

March is Reading Month

We are still welcoming special guest readers for this month, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to email or call to figure out a time!

As we head into this long weekend, challenge your child to read for at least 15 minutes, if not longer! In the classroom, they love reading, so weekend’s like this are great opportunities to continue fostering that love at home!

Ferdinand Permission Slip

The permission slip came home today in your child’s home folder for the Ferdinand Symphony field trip, this time taking place at Calvin College on March 26th. Please return the signed form by March 22nd. Thank you!

Egg Cartons (Dozen Size)

We are currently collecting empty egg cartons that fit 12 eggs for our K-4 Lenten Retreat in a couple of weeks. If you have empty cartons that you wouldn’t mind donating, we would really appreciate it!

 In First Grade This Week…

Students learned about the following things in the various subject areas:

  • Religion
    • types of prayer (praise/adoration, petition, almsgiving, intercession)
    • Jesus died on the cross for our sins
    • significance of Ash Wednesday
    • daily afternoon prayer of the Divine Praises with 5th Grade buddies
    • Stations of the Cross
  • Virtue focus
    • sincerity  (having the grace to be honest)
    • ways to encourage sincerity:
      • paying attention when others are speaking
      • silence
      • enjoying time with siblings or friends
      • accepting your own faults
      • trusting someone else
      • doing your best on chores, schoolwork, etc.
      • talking to others
  • Math
    • counting by ones to 120
    • counting by tens to 120
    • understanding hundreds, tens, and ones (place value)
    • addition fact fluency
  • Reading
    • phonics focus: or, ore
    • adding -s to verbs when it is one person doing the action
    • not adding -s to verbs when it is about two or more
    • adding -es to words
    • comparing and contrasting information
    • segmenting and blending phonemes
  • Writing
    • being as brave as Ruby Bridges
  • Science
    • properties of matter

Have a great long weekend!

Mrs. Drummond