Weekly Update 11-7

Dear Parents,
This week we will have our Day of Sharing. Third graders are asked to bring in donations of cake mix, frosting cans, or canned beans. Please have all donations in by Thursday. Picture retakes will be done on Monday. As the weather is getting colder, please make sure students are coming to school with warm coats, hats, and gloves. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Religion: This week we will learn how we can fix our friendship with God. We will also be reviewing the vocabulary terms we have learned in this unit.

Language Arts: This week, we will be reading Tops and Bottoms, a fantasy story about a bear and a rabbit who go into business together. As we read, we will be working on the comprehension skill of the Author’s Purpose. In grammar, we will learn about singular possessive nouns.

Spelling: This week our spelling words will be words with consonant blends. The words for this week are splash, throw, three, square, scream, strike, street, split, splurge, thrill, strength, squeak, throne, scratch, and squeeze. The spelling test will be on Friday this week.

Math: This week, we will learn how to multiply with multiples of 10.

Social Studies: There will not be any social studies this week as we catch up on science.

Science: This week, we will begin learning about forces and motion. We will learn about balanced and unbalanced forces as well as how gravity affects motion.