March News Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Junior Achievement:  We had our last lesson this week in JA.  We learned about how we can give our money to others and how it makes us feel when we help others.  Thank you to Mrs. Hagans for teaching us our JA lessons.

Reading: We read One Little Mouse who went looking for a new home.  Along the way he meet other animals two moles, three frogs.. to see what kind of home they had.  Little Mouse discovered that those homes would not work for him and in the end he went back to his home.  Our sight words are: one, two, three, four, and five.  We learned about consonant blends( two consonants in a  row that make one sound) this week in words like st in stop, sl in slide, br in brown, fr in frog.  We made a list of consonant blends.  We continue to learn more about sentences by finding the word that completes the sentences as well as learning about the action (verb).

Math: Numbers beyond 20, we have counted by 10’s to 100, used a number chart to fill in missing numbers.  We have also used clues to figure out what number we are looking for, like I am a number greater that 22 but less than 24.  What number am I?  We will finish this next week and then begin 2D shapes.

Religion:  We learned of a miracle Jesus performed at the Wedding of Cana of turning the water into wine.  Jesus performed miracles because he loves us. We read St. Patrick’s Day to learn about St, Patrick and how he taught the Trinity using a shamrock.

Science: We are learning about weather by charting everyday what the weather is like.  We have been learning what the sun looks like in the sky in the morning, afternoon and at night.

STREAM:  We read The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day and Ten Lucky Leprechauns.  We drew a plan for a leprechaun trap with a partner and then built  leprechaun traps.

March Calendar Dates:

Tuesday, March 26 Grand Rapids Symphony of Ferdinand the Bull —  Your child needs to bring a lunch from home as we will be coming back to school after lunch time.  A permission slip is coming home today.

Friday, March 29 Reading Celebration comfy day, bring a pillow, blanket if you want to.

Spring Break April 1-5  No School