May News

Library will end on May 23. Please remember to return all of the library books.

Reading: We read On the Move! in which we saw several different ways that you can travel by air, land and water. We learned what compound words are when you take two words and make them into one word like basket + ball = basketball. We matched up pictures of compound words. Our letters this week are Vv and Zz. We looked at the beginning and ending sounds in words. Next week we will have our last two letters. Our new sight words are come and where. These two words makes our list of 40 words for Kindergarten. Keep practicing them. I keep telling the students that there are 100’s of more words to learn so to keep reading! Our sight word story was Val’s Top.

Math: We are exploring the concept of sorting and classify objects by color, shapes, and size. We also are learning about making and reading a graph.

Religion: What makes you happy? We made a list of what makes us happy like our family, friends, God, Jesus, our pets. We drew a picture and shared our pictures. We learned that Jesus teaches us to be happy.

Science: We finished our unit on Living and Non living things. Our growing bean seeds experiment did not work as they did not have enough sun. It taught us that not everything work the way we planned it and we can try again.

STREAM: We read Only One Fish and discussed what our talents are that God has given us. We all have special talents. We painted our rocks and are working on them before we put them in the garden by the statute of Mary.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 20 Mile Run in Physical Wellness.

Friday, May 24 Special Persons Day Please let the office know who your child is having attend and if he/she will go home with that person.

Monday, May 27 No School Memorial Day

Thursday, May 30, John Ball Park Zoo trip with 3rd grade. We will leave school at 9:00 on the Corpus Christi Bus. Bring a sack lunch with you and a drink. Wear your blue Corpus Christi shirt, shorts, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen.

Monday, June 3 Field Day volunteers will be needed

Wednesday, June 5 Kindergarten Graduation at 9:00. Wear your Sunday best clothes. Reception to follow, the students go home with you after.