September Apple News

Reading: We read Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip With Kindergarten in which we saw they needed chaperones to help visit their community of the bakery, fire station, post office, library and the park.  We drew pictures of the characters in the story and put pictures into categories.   We practiced the letters Tt-Zz.  Our sight words are:  the, little. We read Am I Little?  Practice reading it at home. Next week we will have two new sight words and will begin focusing on one letter with using it at the beginning and ending sounds of words.

Math: We learned about the number zero as none or nothing.  We put numbers 1 to 5 in order. We took  a test on numbers 0 to 5. We are beginning to compare numbers to five  as same number. We will be learning about greater and less than next week.

Religion: God is Love and God Loves us. We looked at a picture of Madonna and Child and saw the love Mary had for Jesus as a baby.  We learned about a Guardian Angel who is watching over us.

Science:  Apple Science in which we read Johnny Appleseed and then made our own Johnny Appleseed  hats, The Apple Pie Tree showed us how an apple grows from a seed, tree, apple blossom to the red apple.  We made our own life cycle by using our thumbprint for the seed, drew a tree, made an apple blossom with a  coffee filter and red food coloring, and made an apple print with a real apple.  We saw also how the apple tree changes in the seasons.   Our STREAM lessons  we predicted what happens to an apple when it is cut and left out  in the open air.  The result was it turned brown.  We made an apple erupt using baking soda and vinegar.

October Dates:

October 8 Picture Day— a picture envelope is coming home today if you wish to order pictures.  All students will have their picture taken even if you choose not to order.

October 21 Post Family Farm Field Trip— permission slip and information is in your child’s blue  Friday folder.  Please sign and return the permission slip by Friday, October 11. We do need chaperones in which it costs you $5.00 to be turned in at the same time as the permission slip. In order to chaperone, you must have a background check on  file, signed Standards of Ministerial Form, and be Virtus trained.

October 25 No school for students,  Teacher Professional Development