September News

We have  had a successful five day week of school!  We also took our Map test of Reading and Math.  The results will be shared with you soon.

Reading: We read We Are So Proud! in which we saw a class use cooperation to make a float with the United States Flag on it.  We learned about the setting of a story.  We learned the letters Ff-Nn and their sounds.  Our sight words are: I, am. Next week we will add new sight words.

Math: We learned our number poems for 2 and 3 and practiced printing and counting with the numbers.  We also had our first Counting Collections, as a class, with the number 20. We estimated how many there were.  We counted the noodles onto ten frames and then, I showed the students how we would record the information.  We will have another one next week with the students recording. Next week we will learn 4 and 5.

Religion: We enjoyed our first time in the Atrium  with Mrs. Plackowski.  We learned that we believe in one God. God is truth and love.  Jesus loves us and he used Perseverance when carrying the cross.  We colored a picture of Jesus with children.

Social Studies:  We read Clifford Sees America so see symbols of the United States, like the American Flag, Statue of Liberty.  We practiced the Pledge of Allegiance and colored in the American Flag.

STREAM: We worked in groups of 3 to build a tower with pencils. Each group began with 10 pencils. They used cooperation, and sharing of ideas in order to build the towers.

Raz Kids and Teach Your Monster to Read are two apps we used this week on the Ipads.  In your child’s Friday folder, you will find information how they can use these at home. They can be used on a computer, Ipad or even a phone.   Raz Kids  is listening to and reading books online. As your child advances, in reading, then questions are added to make sure they are understanding what is read.  Teach Your Monster to Read begins with letters and sounds and then moves into words.  Try it out at home.

Homework will come home every Monday and is to be returned on Friday.  The game that comes with it is for you to use and keep at home.  Reading to your child should be everyday for 15 minutes or more.  If 15 minutes is to long at first, build up to it by reading 5, then 10 minutes.  Reading is a great way to spend time with your child  and teaches so many great skills. Bedtime is a great time to read with your child.