May 17, 2019 News

Unit 4 Week 6 Spelling List

Please spend 5-15 minutes each night working with your child on spelling the words. If you would like any ideas or help with how to do so, do not hesitate to ask!

4.6 Words

  • slowly
  • careful
  • quickly
  • useful
  • painful
  • playful
  • sadly
  • gladly
  • nicely
  • wonderful

High frequency words: because, across

No Lunch Needed on Thursday, May 23rd

Your child does not need to bring a lunch this coming Thursday, May 23rd. (I would still recommend sending a morning snack though!) We will be having a reading and writing celebration with a pizza lunch, beverages and dessert. This treat was purchased by my mother-in-law for the class at last year’s Auction With a Twist 😉

Library Closing May 24th

The library will officially close for the year on May 24th. All books need to be returned by then. Please look at home for any books that need to be returned, and if you are not sure about missing books, feel free to email me and I will find out that information from Mrs. Koster.

Summer Reading Challenge

In your child’s Friday Folder today, there is a summer reading challenge that Barnes and Noble is offering. The instructions are there, with what needs to be read and recorded and how the students earn a book to pick out. Happy almost summer reading!

 In First Grade This Week…

Students learned about the following things in the various subject areas:

  • Religion
    • who wrote the Bible?
    • the Bible was divinely inspired by God and the Holy Spirit
    • the Church helps us to interpret Divine Scripture
    • Memorare prayer with 5th Grade buddies
  • Virtue focus
    • modesty (purity of heart in action)
    • ways to encourage modesty:
      • dress in an appropriate manner
      • not bragging about talents
      • not being the center of attention
  • Math
    • using place value to add
    • adding double digit numbers
    • carrying over
    • subtracting double digit numbers
  • Science: ladybugs around the world, insect parts
  • Writing: using descriptive words
  • Reading
    • phonics focus: vowel digraphs ue, ew, ui
    • compound words
    • using adjectives for how many
    • identifying the main idea of a story
    • developing comprehension in reading

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Drummond