Lunch Program

January, 2016:  West Ottawa Public Schools Food Service is transitioning to a new menu system for our meals. This system provides more detailed information for the meals we serve including nutrition and allergen information.   To view this new menu system, simply click on the link below.  The service includes an app for iPhone and Android devices.  Search for “My School Menus” in the App Store or on Google Play.

West Ottawa Public Schools provide our students with a hot lunch option.  Menus are distributed to families each month as well as being available on this website (see below.)  Payment options include opening an online account, where funds can be directly deposited into student accounts:

Follow these steps to set up your account.

  1. Call the West Ottawa Food Service Dept (786-2100). Tell them you are a Corpus Christi parent calling to get your child’s student ID number. You will need to get a separate ID number for each child using the Hot Lunch/Milk program. You will have to provide your last name and verify the child’s first name. This call only takes a minute.
  2. Once you have your child’s ID number, go to West Ottawa Food Service. Click on “Create a New Account” and follow the process. It is easy to navigate and will guide you through setting up an account for your child.
  3. Once your child is registered you will be able to deposit funds to the account using a credit card. You are also able to view your child’s daily purchases. There is even an option to print reports. *Please note there is a $.50 service fee each time you make a deposit.

Breakfast and Lunch Pricing

Breakfast: $2.35

Lunch: $3.00
Adult: $4.50- staff and teachers
Middle School Entree only: $2.75
Milk: .75
Veggies only: .75
Fruit only: .75

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