Corpus Christi Center

Corpus Christi Catholic School and Center opened its doors in September of 1999 a year ahead of the targeted late summer, 2000. Its multipurpose capacity enables a wide variety of uses in addition to a school facility.  The funding initiative, Mission and Ministry 2000, provided financial support for building the Corpus Catholic School and Center, as well as the rebuilding and expansion of St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady of the Lake parishes.

The facility is used largely as a school building most of the year.  The windmill shape of the school allows for deliberate groupings of classrooms for our students, which provides separate learning environments for preschool through lower elementary students, upper elementary students, and our middle school.  Most daily classroom activities take place in their “home” wing, but by traveling around the school for “specials” such as computer, Spanish, library, band/music, and physical education (as well as lunch), students also have frequent opportunities for a change of scenery and to greet their siblings in the hallway as they exchange classes.

As a multipurpose center, Corpus Christi maintains a generous degree of flexibility that accommodates a multitude of activities for both parishes, the Grand Rapids Diocese, and the Holland-Zeeland community.  St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady of the Lake each host part of their Faith Formation programs here, as well as other faith-centered (retreats, etc.) and social gatherings.  The Grand Rapids Diocese conducts a summer faith program for children of migrant workers in the area.  The community at large is also familiar with our facility as it has been a voting station for Holland Township, a “home” for two local churches seeking worship space, sponsorship/meeting location for Cub and Girl Scouts, soccer and baseball fields for tournaments and practice, parking practice for a local Drivers’ Education course, and as a geocaching spot for a Boy Scouts of America merit badge requirements.

Our grounds boast two playground areas: the smaller one on the east side of the building is largely for younger children, though all age groups enjoy the “big” playground on the west side of the school.  Corpus Christi’s Home and School Association has been the primary sponsor in this play area’s initial installation and subsequent improvements since the school opened in 1999.  A section of the playground equipment doubles as a fitness circuit for students to work out independently, or as part of the physical wellness program.

Beyond the playground, are the baseball diamond and the soccer field.  There is also a small wetlands/pond section (see our Pond Project page for more details) between the western edge of the parking lot and the school’s property line where students, staff, family and visitors can enjoy watching the wildlife, as well as providing an “outdoor classroom” for environmental studies for CCCS students.