Pond Project

There is more to education than sitting in a classroom all day long. Corpus Christi’s faculty and programs provide a variety of opportunities for our students to study the world they live in outside of their classroom walls.

One of our current projects is developing a small pond on the grounds of our school into a habitat study area. With a new deck that extends into the pond for observations, benches for  “outdoor classroom” seating, duck boxes, bird houses, signage to identify wild life and plants, and a path that encircles the pond, all students and visitors have a variety of ways to access and study this area.

Private benefactors and a grant from JCI are providing the funding, and local Boy Scouts working on their Eagle projects are providing the labor. Lesson plans will include segments of study at the pond for all Corpus Christi students.

Contact the project coordinator at chelseamcwain@dogrschools.org.