Tuition Assistance

Our school delivers an exceptional education at a remarkably low and affordable rate.  However, the decision to enroll your child in a Catholic school inherently will involve sacrifices on the part of every family.  Ultimately, families who commit to Catholic education for their child do so because it is their priority to provide a learning community that supports the faith and values taught at home.  Many families need and receive scholarships for Catholic school tuition.

A variety of scholarship opportunities exist for families choosing Catholic school education for their child.  All registered parishioner families, whether currently enrolled or enrolling for the first time, are eligible for the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund, school/parish scholarships, and parish support.

Bishop’s Scholarship Fund: Bishop Walkowiak has greatly increased the amount of available scholarships for diocesan Catholic schools. All families, whether enrolling for the first time or already enrolled, can apply for Bishop’s Scholarships. Learn more about the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund and Smart Aid application.

Contact your our school office for details about the scholarships we may have available to you.