November 8, 2019 News

Picture Retake Day

Just a quick reminder that this Monday, November 11 is picture retake day if you desire that for your child!


Atrium Update from Mrs. Plackowski

In the past couple weeks in the Atrium, the first and second graders have been contemplating the Kingdom of God by listening to the parable of the Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:44) and the Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29). I invited the children to ponder how these parables relate to the Kingdom of God- what was Jesus trying to tell us about the Kingdom?

We’ve also been doing work in the gestures area. The children practiced preparing the cruets of water and wine. They also were introduced to the word ‘epiclesis’, the gesture and prayer the priest performs during mass to consecrate the water and wine.


What We Learned This Week…

It is my hope that the bullets you’ll find in this section each week can be conversation starters for you around the dinner table with your son or daughter!


  • Baptism makes us members of God’s family and the Church
  • our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit
  • Baptism forgives all sins and gives us God’s grace
  • Jesus’s example of being baptized by John
  • prayer: Thanksgiving Prayer


  • number talks: counting all the dots/counting on using a ten frame
  • strategies for adding 3 numbers
  • adding to make a 10
  • making a 10 to add on
  • using various addition strategies
  • Math Centers:
    • roll it, solve it, color it (addition fluency practice)
    • iPads: SplashMath and Freckle Math
    • Math journals: rolling the dice to write equations and practice addition fluency


  • short a sound
  • different sounds of -ed
  • reading to self stamina
  • segmenting words into separate sounds
  • blending sounds together to make words
  • comprehension: beginning, middle, and end
  • fluency
  • poetry: My Body


  • what the kinkajou does to survive at night
  • difference between nocturnal and diurnal

Social Studies

  • the importance of people in our communities
  • meaning of the word “veteran”
  • why we honor Veterans on November 11


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Drummond