Corpus Christi Students Gather in Prayer & to Honor 9/11

Corpus Christi Students Gather in Prayer & to Honor 9/11

On September 11, 2018, we gathered as a faith-based community – to remember and to pray . . . . just as many of us had done 17 years ago on this date.  The 8th grade students lead the school community in a prayer service of Remembrance, Comfort, and Hope.


As adults, we can tell you where we were, how we felt, and remember being glued to the TV to watch everything as it unfolded.  The feelings of disbelief, horror, and shock were unimaginable. But we are a Nation filled with Faith, Patriotism, Pride, and we are Americans – we would rally!


Our school day this year was filled with learning, feeling, prayer, reading, watching stories of the events of the day and those to follow. We learned about the New York Community and how they helped each other on this terrible day.  We learned of the first responders – who ran into buildings without thinking of themselves to help others. This year, as a tribute to the individuals who helped save lives – the students created cards that will be sent/delivered to the first-responders in our area.


As a school, it is our responsibility to teach our students about the emotion and history of 09/11 and God’s presence throughout to help sustain us.  In our remembering, we work toward a hope-filled vision for our world and acknowledge the peace of God that is within us all