Auction with a Twist

2022 Live Auction Event!

October 15th, 2022 @ Baker Lofts in Holland

email sharing buttonAuction With A Twist 2022 is a unique auction event which benefits Corpus Christi Catholic School, Our Lady of the Lake & St. Francis de Sales Parishes.  Join us for a fun-filled night of amazing food, music, live auction, and fun surprises.  The evening is a time to celebrate with friends and family!
We look forward to celebrating and supporting OUR community and OUR school together.

Can’t attend the event, but want to show your support?

Twist Table Prefunding

Each of the Twist Tables has a prefunding goal of $2,500.  You can provide funding for one table or multiple tables.  We are seeking donors to prefund fully or with an amount of your choosing.  Review the Twist Tables for the 2022 Auction and donate by clicking the blue link button above.

Golden Ticket Purchase

$50 golden tickets are available for a chance to win any Live Auction Package, need not be present to win!  100 tickets will be sold prior to the auction, the winning ticket will be drawn on October 15th at 7:20pm.  Golden ticket purchasers will identify the package they wish to win and if their ticket is drawn that package will be withdrawn from the auction and reserved for the winner.  Winner will be notified by telephone and email within 24 hours of the drawing.  Review the bid book at the blue button link above for a list of packages.  Once you have decided on a package, purchase your Golden Ticket at the blue button link above.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact Karen Hughes

(517) 256-7906 or

On behalf of the school, as well as, parish friends and families,

Thank You for considering participating in this event!