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  • Twist Table Prefunding Options

    There are 4 Twist Tables at this years auction. Each table has a goal of raising $2,500 in prefunding. You can choose to prefund one or more tables in whatever denomination you would like. Let us know how you would like your donation to be assigned below and pay securely through PayPal.
  • Twist Table 1 - Pond Rejuvenation & Outdoor Learning - $2,500 goal

    Corpus Christi School is looking to make needed upgrades and maintenance to their current outdoor learning space at the pond, nature path, and garden area.  This includes dredging the pond, replacing a cap so the pond can return to normal levels, and reestablishing the outdoor nature path.  Any extra funds will be used to offset the cost of an outdoor learning pavilion so classes can be held near the garden and pond.
  • Twist Table 2 - Fall Teen Retreat - $2,500 goal

    Our Lady of the Lake - There's something incredibly powerful that happens when the faithful gather in His name.  The Holy Spirit is invited in through community and lives are changed.  Imagine an entire weekend of teens worshipping our Lord together, experiencing a deeper immersion of The Church's Sacraments with Mass, Confession and Adoration, and having fun doing so with those their own age.  These are the moments where lifelong memories are created.  After two years of being incapable of doing a retreat due to Covid, Our Lady of the Lake finally has the opportunity to hold a Fall Retreat for high school youth in-person!  Funds from this Twist Table will be used to offset costs for the retreat and allow lower registration rates for our youth and families.  This includes providing experienced Catholic Worship Leaders to guide our youth and assists in covering expenses for food, lodging, and travel for our visiting Priests.
  • Twist Table 3 -Parish Kitchen Revamp- $2,500 goal

    St. Francis de Sales - Parish groups and staff plan to revamp hospitality to continue building passionate disciples.  The path to doing so begins with a nice working kitchen.  Twist Table funds would be used to update/remodel the parish kitchen.  The parish kitchen has been used for more than 20 years by our parish groups and parishioners for all types of events.  We believe it is time for an update!
  • Twist Table 4 - Spiritual Growth on Campus - $2,500 goal

    St. Benedict Institute is seeking funds to support activities and programs for students on Hope's campus that encourages them to grow in their faith.