TRIP families earned over $13,700 off tuition!

TRIP families earned over $13,700 off tuition!
Did you know?…
… last year, TRIP families earned over $13,700 off their tuition bills!  TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program.  It’s SO easy to do and completely online, you can even do it right from your smart phone!  Get family members involved to earn for you as well.  If you just use it for gasoline and groceries, you would be saving hundreds of dollars on tuition.  Check out the school website, under “Parents” for all the information and forms.  

What is TRIP?

  • TRIP is a program in which you purchase gift certificates to participating stores and restaurants. The gift certificates are purchased at a discount which varies by retailer. The gift certificates/cards are sold to you at face value but the discounts are used to reduce your tuition.
  • TRIP involves planning ahead more carefully about future purchases and buying gift certificates to pay for them. A few minutes of planning ahead could save your family hundreds of dollars in tuition for purchases you would have made anyway. If you get other family members involved, you can save even more on your tuition account.


Where are the credits applied?

  • TRIP credits are distributed quarterly and can be used to reduce your Preschool tuition, to reduce your monthly SMART balance, to provide a charitable contribution to Corpus Christi, to reduce your annual tuition if you prepay, to reduce the tuition balance of another family, or received as cash back.

What does it cost to participate?

  • TRIP retains 10% of credits earned to offset costs of operating the program, software subscription, shipping costs, supplies, etc. Any amount left over after expenses is donated to Corpus Christi.


How do I order?

  • Orders are placed on-line at by 8:30am on Mondays in order to be processed. They can be picked up on Friday afternoon or sent home on Fridays with your child (registration form with disclaimer must be submitted).
  • You may add and save items in your shopping cart during the week as you think ofcertificates you need…just don’t forget to place the order!


Are there any restrictions on how much I can earn?

  • There are no restrictions on how much you can earn towards your tuition or on how many family members you add on to earn credits on your behalf.
  • Some participating retailers have restrictions on how the scrip certificates are used. It is your responsibility to verify terms of use before you purchase.
  • At this time, Kohl’s allows you to pay your credit card bill using TRIP certificates.


How do I get started?


We look forward to processing your TRIP orders this year! Contact Mindi DeSanctis at with questions.