Dental Care Available for Your Children!

Dental Care Available for Your Children!

The Miles of Smiles (MOS) mobile dental unit is scheduled to be in Holland throughout the school year. The mobile dental unit provides free, preventive and restorative dental services for financially-qualifying children.  Unfortunately, MOS will not be visiting Corpus Christi School this year. However, they want parents to know that you can schedule your child to be seen on the mobile unit when they locate at a school in the Holland School District or West Ottawa School District.

Miles of Smiles Mobile Dental Unit

Inside of Miles and Smiles Mobile UnitThe MOS mobile unit provides on-site preventive and restorative dental services for qualifying low-income, uninsured, Medicaid insured, and MIChild participating children. Services are provided at schools, Head Start Centers, Ottawa County Department of Public Health clinics, migrant camps and sites for dentally underserved children. The 40 foot mobile unit is equipped with a waiting area, laboratory, two operatories, digital x-ray and a wheel chair lift.

Funding for the MOS program is provided by state grants and foundations, local foundations, donations and county support. Available dental services for children are made possible by a volunteer network of more than 100 dentists, hygienists and Grand Rapids Community College dental hygiene students. MOS has received several commendations for its innovative approach to address major health problems and increase access to direct patient care for qualifying Ottawa County children.

To determine eligibility, please call (800) 467-5905.