Fourth Grade Information from Ms. Crimmins

Welcome to fourth grade at Corpus Christi! It is going to be a great year for learning, playing, and growing in God’s love. I am excited to introduce myself as your child’s 4th grade teacher! This will be my third year at Corpus Christi after teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Grand Rapids for twelve years.

Assignment Notebooks: The fourth-grade students will be using assignment notebooks daily. The students will be given time at the end of each day to copy the assignments from the board in the classroom. Please make sure that you look over the assigned homework each night and sign or initial the assignment notebook indicating that you are aware of each night’s homework, and any other classroom information. The assignment notebook is an important tool for organization, responsibility, and communication.

Homework:  Students will have homework most weeknights. Each vocabulary unit is covered over a two-week period. Vocabulary homework is assigned at the beginning of the first week and should be completed by Thursday of the second week. Spelling tests on the vocab words will be on the first Friday, and the vocabulary test (definitions, antonyms, synonyms, etc.) is on Friday of the second week. There will be math homework almost every weeknight.  If your child does not have work to finish at home on any given night, he/she should be working on vocabulary, reading, or practicing math facts. Thirty minutes of nightly reading is required in fourth grade.

Turning in Homework:  At the beginning of each day, students are to unpack their belongings and turn in any homework that is due. I have turn-in baskets in the classroom for daily homework. If a student does not finish class work from any given day, it becomes homework and must be turned in the following morning.

Homework Folders:  I have provided a homework folder for each student. Inside are two pockets, one side for finished, and the other for unfinished homework.  Homework folders and assignment notebooks are to be taken home each night and returned the next school day.

SnackA short nutrition break will be taken midway through each morning. Fresh or pre-packaged fruits or vegetables, cheese and crackers, pretzels, lunch meat and yogurt are among the acceptable snack choices for you to send with your child each day. Healthy foods help children by providing them with the energy needed to work successfully during our long and busy mornings. Sugary snacks, chips, and desserts are not acceptable for the morning break, but may be sent for a lunch treat. Please be aware that we have nut allergy in our classroom.

Transportation:  Please be sure to make me aware of any changes in your child’s mode of transportation going home from school. A note or email is fine, but if you have a last-minute change on a given day, please call the office with this information and they will relay it to me.

Classroom Magazine: I have ordered a publication to supplement our learning this year. “Scholastic News” is a short news bulletin that will be delivered weekly and will help us keep up on current events, and to enhance our reading, social studies, and science units.

Birthdays:  It is always fun to celebrate each child’s birthday at school. Please have your child remind me a few days in advance when his or her birthday is approaching. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his/her half birthday. You are welcome to send in a small birthday treat that can be quickly and easily handed out.  Please do not send in dark colored juices that could stain the carpet and be aware that we have a nut allergy in our classroom.

Lunch Orders and Money:  Students may bring lunch from home or order lunch from the school menu. The children will have their own lunch cards that will be scanned in the lunchroom. Lunch orders are taken first thing in the morning. If you send in money for lunches, please place it in a sealed envelope labeled “lunch money” with your child’s full name on the front.

Lockers:  Fourth graders will have their own locker to use.  We will work together to keep it clean and organized. Students will be responsible for learning their locker combination.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me through an email or phone message if you have any questions or concerns. Most often I am unable to respond immediately but will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your support and dedication to your child, to me, and to our wonderful school.

I am so excited to have your child in my classroom this year!


In Christ’s Peace,

Ms. Annette Crimmins


Classroom phone: 616-796-2332

School Office Phone: 616-994-9864


Our Schedule:

Monday: Adoration/Rosary/Meditation in Chapel (8:30-9:15), Spanish (10:25-10:55), Art (12:30-1:18)

Tuesday: Spanish (10:25-10:55), Music (12:50-1:38)

Wednesday: Mass (8:45-9:30), Spanish (10:25-10:55), Library (11:00-11:30)

Thursday:  Spanish (10:25-10:55), Physical Wellness (12:50-1:38)

Friday:  Spanish (10:25-10:55), Technology (12:30-1:18)