March 6 Preschool News- T/TH Group

With the start of March is Reading month and Dr. Suess’ birthday, we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. The children used a graph and colored goldfish to see how many of each fish they had- this activity had them practice sorting and counting. The children also had the opportunity to color a red fish and blue fish then use blue watercolor paint to paint the water- they also found their name hiding in the water. We also learned about the letter U and some words that begin with that letter- unicorn, uniform, umbrella. The children colored an umbrella and added some fingerprint raindrops.


We were also excited to have Mrs. Soltysiak with us for her first week. The children enjoyed getting to know her and she is excited to be with us. Next week Mrs. Soltysiak will take over as lead teacher for the 3-year-old class with Mrs. Fickel as her assistant. Mrs. Soltysiak was able to meet many of the parents and relatives that drop off and pick up the children on a regular basis; however, it will take a few weeks for her to connect names and faces. If you wish to contact Mrs. Soltysiak, her email is and the preschool phone number is 616-796-2320.


Be sure to RSVP for our Preschool Literacy Morning on Saturday, March 21 10-11:30 a.m. The children have been practicing a story they would like to perform for you. This is a fun morning for preschool families to enjoy time together. There will be crafts, snack, and a literacy pack for each family attending. Please email at to let me know how many people will be attending.


You can participate in March is Reading month by coming in to read to the class. Contact Mrs. Soltysiak to set up a day and time.


Also, Thursday, March 12, the children may dress up as their favorite book character.