The “Swanky” Report 11.22.19

The "Swanky" Report 11.22.19

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?! I’m so excited! The Winter Holiday season has always been a favorite of mine! I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break next week! I’m so extremely thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to get to know each of our preschoolers and their families! This semester has been an amazing one…THANK YOU!

This Week:


  • Our letter exploration continued with the letter “J!” We learned that “J” is for jellybean, jet pack, jeep and jingle bells!
  • We also got creative with the rectangle! We created our own idea of robots! Students were directed to use rectangle shapes to make a robot- with a head, body, arms and legs- how they created it was completely up to them!


  • We experimented with water, vinegar water and baking soda water to see which solution would expand our gummy bears the most…it was VINEGAR! This is an experiment that you could do at home with your preschooler too! All you need is a cup of plain water, a cup of vinegar water (half water, half vinegar) and a cup of baking soda water (two scoops of baking soda) and gummy bears! The longer you leave the gummy bears in the cup, the more they’ll expand!
  • We also worked on counting and graphing goldfish!


  1. The colder weather is here, please send your students to school with the proper outdoor clothing so they are warm when they go outside for recess. With that in mind, please practice at home with students on getting dressed (I.E. snow pants first and then boots).
  2. Please remind our students that we do not throw snow at our friends when we’re in school. We all know that Michigan snow isn’t always the softest and could also be combined with ice, so to avoid any accidents, we’d prefer that we don’t have snowball fights!
  3. Our students run around and play a lot throughout the day, please remember to bring a water bottle with them to school each day so they can stay hydrated.
  4. Cold and Flu season is upon us and it’s hit our classroom pretty hard the last week! Please remind your students that if they need to cough, to cough into their arm and to cover their mouth when they cough.
  5. December 17th is our Christmas Program at 6:30 p.m. at St. Francis de Sales!
  6. December 19th is our Christmas Party if you would like to sign up to bring something, please go to our Holiday sign-up!
  7. Some of you were interested in the songs we sing in class each day, please visit our resource page!