February Kindergarten News

Reading:   Rooster’s  Off to See the World by Eric Carle had counting of the animals that went with the rooster.  The rooster did not plan the trip very well as he had no food or a place to stay at night.  The animals felt homesick so they returned to their homes.  We sequenced pictures of a story to learn the beginning, middle and end.  We are learning more about sentences with the naming part (noun) and matching sentences to a picture.  Our letter this week is Hh.  Our new sight words are: that, do, and are.  Keep practicing all the sight words at home.

Math:  Teen numbers 15, 16, and 17. We have learned that we need 2 ten frames to show these numbers. We have been practicing to write them correctly for example, 16  is 1 ten and 6 more.  The 1 is first then the 6 otherwise we would make the number 61.  We had a great time celebrating our 100th day of school.  We will work on numbers 18 and 19 next week.

Religion:  Jesus had followers in which the followers learn about Jesus and show love to God and one another.  We learned about St. Mark and St. Peter as followers of Jesus and St. Mark is a Gospel writer.

STREAM:  Conversation Hearts Activities in which we saw that they sink in water. We observed the hearts in hot, room temperature and cold water to see what happens to them.  We recorded the results. Next week we will have  measure and graph with the hearts as well as see how we can stack them.

Just Right Reading Books:  Keep reading those books and return them to school to read to me.

February Dates:

Friday, February 14:  Valentine’s Day party at 2:00,  Keep working on your Valentine’s for your classmates.   Scholastic Book orders are due.

February 17 and 18:  No School Mid winter break

February 26:  Ash Wednesday Mass