January Kindergarten News

Today marks the end of Quarter 2 and our 90th day of Kindergarten! The students are getting excited to reach 100 days of Kindergarten!

No School on Monday, January 20 Enjoy the long weekend!

Help needed for roller skating in Gym class on Tuesday, January 21 from 2:30-3:18.  Please let Mrs. Sleeman know if you can help.  Don’t forget to send in a bike helmet if you have one for your child’s safety.

Reading: Farfillina and Marcel  story showed us how a caterpillar changes to become a butterfly and how a gosling becomes a goose.  The two became friends, in which didn’t recognize each other after they had changed.  We put the story in order.  We are learning about verbs in the future by using the word will in front of the verb.  Our letter this week is Ff in which we practiced writing, learning its sound and words that begin and end with Ff.  Our sight words are: look, see. We have learned 18 sight words so far but will keep adding more.  Make sure you practice them at  home.

Math:  Subtraction with a minus and equal sign to find the difference.  We learned how addition and subtraction are related sentences.  We finished our chapter on subtraction but will continue to practice it. Next week we will begin to learn to recognize, print and count with teen numbers 11 to 19. We will have to  use two ten frames to show the numbers.

Religion: We heard the story of Jesus being found in the Temple.  We saw how Mary felt when she could not find Jesus and related it to if we our lost and how our parents would feel.  The week of January 27  we will be learning about the miracle of the Wedding at Cana. We will need a wedding picture from your wedding to glue down in our books.  If you have one we can use, please send it in.

Science:  We have begun to learn about motion with learning about push and pull. We sorted pictures as push or pull. We used toy cars, pushed them across paper and drew the path they took. We saw what happened if we pushed the car soft, or hard.  We also used wiffle balls and built an obstacle in the middle to see how the ball would move.

January calendar dates:

Monday, January 20 No School

January 26- February 2 Catholic School’s Week.  Information will be sent home from the office about special activities this week