Kindergarten News

We accomplished a lot in this four day week of school. We learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  by seeing a picture book read to us online.  We made our own books about him and thought of what we could do to change the world.

ReadingThen and Now taught us about things in the past like a phonograph, writing with ink in a jar and pen, horse and buggy. We saw how things are different today with having computers, cars, even playing on a playground.  Our letter this week is the vowel Oo. We used Oo as the beginning and middle sound in words.  New sight words are: of, you, they.  Keep practicing these at home.

Math:  We began our unit on numbers 11 to 19.  We worked on numbers 11 and 12 this week to know that 11 is 1 ten and 1 one, 12 is 1 ten and 2 ones. We are learning that when we see a 10 frame filled in we can count from 10.  We traced the number words too. We will continue learning numbers 13, 14 and 15 next week.

Religion:  Jesus is a part of our family.  We drew Jesus with our family in our homes. We colored in Jesus’ family.  Next week remember to send in a picture of your wedding, no bigger than a 4 x 6 that we can glue down in our books as we learn about the miracle at the Wedding of Cana.

Next week is Catholic Schools Week, here are the special activities we will have:

Monday:  Uniform dress,  Donuts and Juice in the cafeteria at 7:45-8:15 parents are welcome to join

Tuesday:  Patriotic Dress up day, wear the colors of your country that you identify with

Wednesday:  Mass at 8:45, uniform dress,  you may wear a hat if you bring in gently used hats, or gloves or $1.00 for Holland Rescue Mission, Bingo at 2:30

Thursday:  Future job Dress up day dress up as to what you want to be when you grow up

Friday:  Spirit day with uniform bottoms, Closing Assembly at 2:20 in the gym, Raffle Drawing