3rd Grade News

Dear Parents,
Next week we will continue our MAP testing. We will be testing in Math and Science on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please make sure your child has had a good breakfast and gets lots of rest. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Religion: This week we will examine what it means for Jesus to be both divine and human. We will also look at some Old Testament readings that foreshadow Jesus’ coming into the world.

Reading: This week, we will read the story What About Me? This is a fable about a boy who hungers for knowledge. As we read, we will be working on sequencing the events of the story. In grammar, we will learn about subjects and predicates.

Spelling: This week we are working on how to make the plural form of words. The words for this week are pennies, inches, plants, families, bodies, glasses, wishes, pockets, lists, copies, parties, bunches, crashes, supplies, pencils. Please keep the list the student’s home folder for the entire week. We will be using it in class, and they should be studying it at home as well.

Math: This week, we will continue learning different strategies to help us add and subtract numbers. We have learned the strategies of estimating (rounding), friendly numbers, compatible numbers, using a number line, and breaking apart the number. Most Mondays-Thursdays students will be bringing home math homework. If they are struggling with it, please let me know and we will work on it together in class.

Social Studies: This week we will conclude learning about the geography of Michigan and have our first test in social studies.

Science: This week, we will continue learning about why scientists ask questions and how they go about answering their questions. We will be learning about the scientific method and why scientists gather data.