The “Swanky” Report 11.8.19

The "Swanky" Report 11.8.19

It was so great to be back this week! I cannot express how proud I am of each of our students and how much growth they’ve been showing each day in class and how much they’ve interacting with each other and learning to help one another! They are all so amazing!

This Week:


This week we learned that “H” is for hot chocolate as we created a mug full of brown squares and marshmellows and made real hot chocolate! We also learned that “H” is for helicopter, hot dog, hammer, Hatchimals and hat!


This week students showed their knowledge of their numbers and colors with a Colors By Number activity. We also worked on an experiment with ice cubes and water. We tried to create a column of ice using ice cubes and frozen water and it didn’t work…but hey, that’s science! We learned that not every experiment will be a success and that’s okay!


  1. Picture Retakes will be on November 11, 2019
  2. The colder weather is here, please send your students to school with the proper outdoor clothing so they are warm when they go outside for recess. With that in mind, please practice at home with students on getting dressed (I.E. snow pants first and then boots).
  3. Our students run around and play a lot throughout the day, please remember to bring a water bottle with them to school each day so they can stay hydrated.
  4. Remember that we cannot assist your child when going to the bathroom. Please remember to send them to school with pants they can easily pull on and off themselves so we can avoid any accidents.

This Coming Week:


  • We will continue with our Letter Exploration with the letter “I.” Please bring something that begins with the letter “I” for Show ‘n Tell this week!
  • We will also play around with different materials to create the number “4.”


  • Our experiment will involve the rainbow, baking soda and vinegar!
  • We will also work on our 1:1 correspondence.