The “Swanky” Report 9.13.19

The "Swanky" Report 9.13.19

Happy Friday the 13th families!

This Week: 

Morning Preschool: 

This week our students explore more with centers. We started the sand, water and light tables and of course we always include our Kitchen/Dramatic play area during these times! They’re learning more about playing nicely and sharing with our friends and how to ask for something they’d like to play with if another student is playing with it.


We learned more about our colors and how rainbows are created. We worked on counting from 1-10 with peg boards and creating pictures out of shapes!


  1. Our students are doing so well with pick-up and drop-off each day for school! As a reminder to parents, we ask that you say goodbye at the lockers/door so that our students are able to get used to coming in and getting straight to work. I know that it’s a lot easier said than done because we hate to see our little ones cry, but really it’s harder on us than it is on them! We have some great handouts with tips for this if you need it!
  2. Please only fill water in the bottles that students bring with them for their cubbies. As we know, accidents can happen so to avoid any stains or stickiness in our carpet, we’d prefer that the children stay away from bring juice in their bottles. =)
  3. With how unpredictable Michigan weather can  be during this time of year, please be sure to check the weather each morning for weather appropriate clothes. We do go outside unless it’s raining so we’d like our students to be dressed warm or dressed cool enough for those hotter days!
  4. Tomorrow, September 14, is the CCCS Fall Festival!

    Details on the Fall Festival:

    St. Francis de Sales is having a fall festival in conjunction with our Catholic School, Corpus Christi. Save the date and plan to come together for this fun event.

    Soccer Tournament! 10:00-4:00

    Cheer on the SFDS team! Will they make it to the finals? Bring a chair and enjoy friendly competition against area soccer teams!

    Food! 12:00-6:00

    Tacos, Hamburgers, Nachos, Hot Dogs & More

    Food & drink tickets $1 per ticket, items range from 1 –6 tickets.

    Free Children’s Games! 1:00-5:00

    Children fill up your game punch card and enter it to win the Grand Prize!

    50/50 Raffle! $1 per ticket, $10 for 12, or $20 for 30!

    Drawings at 3pm & 9pm, proceeds benefit Corpus Christi School, max winning $250 per drawing!

    Dance! 6:00-9:00

    Join us for music and dancing that all will enjoy!


This Coming Week: 

Morning Preschool: 

  • There will be a fire drill next week Thursday, please talk to your student at home about the noise they should expect to hear when the alarm goes off. We will of course talk about this with them on Tuesday as well.
  • We’ll begin our weekly letter exploration with the letter “A!”


  • Science we will explore temperatures and how they change with different weather we experience.
  • Math: We will work on counting beginning with the Number 1!

Reward Jar: 

We’ve started a reward jar in each of the classes. The students work as a class to fill the jar for a treat! Each person can earn a “pom” when a direction is followed, playing nicely during centers or listening during story time. Both classes have filled their jars for the first time! YAY!!