“Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment at 100.”

Our Day in Court . . .Innocent Until Proven Guilty. . . .
On Friday, May 1, 2020, at 10:00 am, Corpus Christi Catholic School’s 5th, 7th & 8th-grade students will have their day in court at The Ottawa County Courthouse. The Honorable Jon H. Hulsing, Circuit Court of Ottawa County, presider. Students will have explored the criminal-case process and how our legal system administers justice with arguments involving the United States Constitution.

The students will gain through active participation:
· First-hand knowledge of courtroom procedures and our judicial system throughout history
· Increased proficiency in reading, public speaking, and critical thinking skills
· Analyzing and reasoning
· Deductive and inferential thinking
· Public speaking skills (ie: listening, oral presentation and extemporaneous argument, questions)
· Preparation and organization of materials and time management
· Exposure to a wide range of law-related careers
· The opportunity to interact with adult role models from our legal community

Students will begin with learning the basics – discussing ethics, distinguishing right from wrong, learning about our legal system, legal terminology, elements of a crime, the United States Constitution, the presumption of innocence, the concepts of reasonable doubt and the roles of attorneys, witnesses, judge, jury, bailiffs, and clerks.

Once the student attorneys have a basic knowledge of court decorum, each student will assume a role: writing their own statements, memorizing specific case details and witness statements. The classroom is being reshaped into a mock courtroom to enhance the students’ practice and role-playing. The students transform into young lawyers preparing to represent their client and present their case.

This experience is exquisite in promoting cooperation and healthy academic competition among students possessing various abilities and interests. There is nothing like hands-on experiences beyond the classroom walls to help students learn about the law, society and themselves. We look forward to having “Our Day in Court.”

All are invited to attend.