Feb 7 Preschool News

Please remember to let know what your plans are for your child’s school next year. Last week, you received a census form from the office with the question of what your plans are for next year. Be sure to send that form in next week so that we know what your plans are. Again, do not hesitate to ask my any questions about preschool or kindergarten. We would love to see your child’s smiling face here again.

This week in preschool, we reviewed the letters that we have learned so far (L,H,I, F,E, T). You can help reinforce these letters at home by looking for them around the house, writing them in shaving cream, or finding some straight objects at home to make the letters. We also reviewed the four basic shapes of circle, rectangle, square, and triangle. We played color/shape BINGO, made the shapes by placing pom poms, and painting with shaped sponges. In the atrium, we continue to learn about presentations such as liturgical colors, altar, Mustard Seed parable, and the Precious Pearl parable.

We will have a Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 14. Each student is a bring a valentine for their classmates- there are 12 in the Friday class. We welcomed a new friend this week- Camila. Please do not address the valentines to the individual children in the class- just sign your child’s name (or have them sign their name-great practice). The children will be decorating a bag to collect their valentines.

Please note that there is NO SCHOOL on February 17 and 18- Monday and Tuesday for mid-winter break.