January 24, 2020 Preschool News

January 24, 2020 Preschool News

Next week is Catholic Schools Week! There are some fun activities during the week that preschoolers can participate in as well:

Monday: donuts and juice in the gym at 7:45

Tuesday: Patriotic Dress Day- wear the colors of the country you most identify with

Wednesday: Hat Day- wear your favorite hat with a $1 donation or hat/glove donation for Holland Rescue Mission

Thursday: Future Job Dress up Day- dress up as what you want to be when you grow up

Friday: Spirit Day- wear Corpus Christi clothes

Saturday: Kindergarten/Preschool Winterfest Showcase- come in anytime between 10-12 p.m. to visit classrooms, do some activities, and visit with other preschool families (please park in the main parking lot)

The children’s raffle will be held all week with the winners being drawn on Friday afternoon. The student does not have be here to win.

This week in preschool, the children did some counting and number recognition exercises with unifix cubes and number cards. They also practiced tracing the letter H and we talked about the sound it makes like in the beginning of the word house. The children made a penguin as we talked about some polar animals. In the atrium, the children are learning about the Altar area and the names of the items found on the altar. In the afternoon STREAM program, we continued our talk on polar and arctic animals by setting up an arctic scene and painting a polar bear picture using watercolor paint and salt to make it look like snowflakes.

As always, remember to let us know if your child will not be in. If they are sick, please report the symptoms (fever, cough, vomiting, etc.) Call 796-2320 or email amyplackowski@dogrschools.org