January 31, 2020 Preschool News

Please be sure to check the blue folders. There were many papers that were sent home including the mid-year report card and enrollment information for next year. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding preschool or kindergarten.

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! We will be having a party on Friday, February 14th. The children can bring valentines to pass out their friends in the Friday class- there are 12 children that attend on Friday mornings so be sure send one for each child. Please do not write the friends’ names on the valentines-leave the “To” space blank. Just sign or have your child sign their name in the “From” space. (Great opportunity to practice name writing!)

If your child does not attend on Fridays, they will participate in our Valentine’s Day party on Thursday, Feb. 13th. There are 21 children in that class.

If your child attends both days, they can bring valentines for both for full classes if you wish or just an additional 6 on Friday for those children that didn’t get one from them on Thursday.

Hopefully, that is not too confusing. Just send me an email if you have a question.

We have also started STAR of the Week. Each week a different child will be the Star of the Week- there will be paper to fill out so that we can learn more about them. There will also be an activity bag that they will bring home to do with the family.

This week in preschool, we learned about the letter T and I. We practiced the sound they make and tracing them. See if you can find any T’s and I’s around the house. We did some sorting activities with insects- sorting by color, type, and size. We practiced recognizing how many objects are in a group just by looking at them and identifying numbers. The children did some free paint this week as well. In the atrium, we continue to learn about the altar area, the colors of the church year, and are starting to listen to some parables about the Kingdom of God.

This week was Catholic Schools Week. The children enjoyed a special donut treat, wore some fun hats, and dressed as their future job! It was a lot of fun! We will be at St. Francis on Sunday for 10:30 Mass to close out Catholic Schools Week.

We haven’t had a large amount of absences but there are a few illnesses that seem to be going around- a stomach bug with vomiting and diarrhea; and, a flu bug with fever and coughing. Please be sure to keep your child home if they are sick with those symptoms. Call 796-2320 or email me to let me know what the symptoms are.

Please note that there is NO SCHOOL on February 17 and 18 for Mid-Winter Break!

Have a great weekend!