Third Grade Update 2-14

In the month of March, the students in D-Wing participate in a Book Madness. The top sixteen favorite books of the students in the wing are chosen and placed in a bracket-style competition. The list of books that made the top sixteen will be going home in your child’s folder; this is so students can read any books they haven’t read before the voting begins on March seventh. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Religion: This week we will learn about the Stations of the Cross, and why Jesus suffered and died for our sins.

Language Arts: We will continue working on writing our cause and effect essays. We will also begin our third novel study on Food Chain Frenzy. We will continue to learn the capital letters in cursive.

Spelling: Due to the short week, there will not be a spelling test.

Math: We will continue learning about fractions. We will learn how to compare fractions with the same denominator. Please continue to practice math facts for 5-10 minutes a day.

Social Studies: Due to the short week, there will not be social studies this week.

Science: We will continue learning about food chains and food webs. We will also learn about fossils and how they help us to learn about the past.