Welcome Back to School and to 2020!

This week we have been learning about the season of Winter.  We have read several winter stories:  Little Critter Just a Snowman, Snowball Soup, Snow Wonder, There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, The Mystery of the Missing Mitten, The Mitten. We made a list of what we like do to in the winter and drew a picture of it.  We made “snow” with glue and shaving cream  in which we made a winter picture with our “snow”. They are hanging up in  our classroom.  We decided what we would swallow if we were a cold lady or man.

Reading:  George Washington Visits taught us about things in the past.  We learned about a blacksmith who built an arch for the parade they had for George Washington before he became the President of the United States.   Our letters this week are Dd and Kk.  We practiced printing them as well as picking out pictures that begin with Dd and Kk.  Our new sight words are: see, look.  We learned about verbs in the present by adding an s on to the end of the verb.  Cause and Effect taught us why something happen because of something else happening, for example the cause is  it snowed the effect is we made a snowman.  We matched up pictures to help us understand cause and effect.

Math: Subtraction in which we learned the minus (-) and equal(=) along with the answer is called the difference. We learned that in subtraction we take away or break apart instead of putting together like in addition.  We acted out story problems, used cubes to break apart and wrote subtraction number sentences.  We will continue this next week.

Religion: We learned that the greatest gift Mary and Joseph received is Jesus.  We saw and colored a picture of Jesus presented in the Temple.

STREAM:  Snow from glue and shaving cream.  We built a paper snowman by rolling a dice and adding on his hat, face, arms, snowballs by the numbers we rolled.

Scholastic January Book Orders will be due on Friday, January 17, 2020.  You may order online using our classroom code of GMZNK or fill out the order form and return it with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.   Winter is a great time to read!

Just Right Reading Book Bags will be coming home next week.

January Calendar Dates:

Friday, January 17 Second Quarter Ends (We have had 85 days of school)

Monday, January 20 No School-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 26-February 1 Catholic School Weeks (more information to follow on our special activities for this week)