Kindergarten Catholic Schools Week

We have enjoyed our week with a variety of activities.  We liked  eating donuts, playing Bingo, wearing hats, dressing up as what we would like to be and our Spirit day on Friday.  Thanks to the Home and School for helping with these activities.

We have had 99 days of school! Monday we will celebrate our 100th day of school!  The students will have a few special activities for the day.  We made our 100 day necklaces this week to get ready for Monday.

Reading:  We heard an Aesop fable called The Lion and the Mouse in which we saw how the smallest of animals, the mouse helped the beast of the jungle, the lion get untangled from the trap.  We learned about the main idea of the story as the lion and the mouse become friends and can help each other.  Sentences have two parts the naming (subject) and the action (predicate).  We read sentences and decided if they had both parts or not.  Our sight words are: they, you, of.  Our letter this week was the vowel Oo in the middle of words.  Thanks for returning the Just Right Books and reading with your child!

Math:  Teen numbers 13, 14, and 15.  We are learning to count, model and print the numbers with the 10 and the number like 13 not 31.  We also are practicing printing numbers 1 to 100, it can be tricky but when they start to see the pattern on the 100 chart, they figure it out.  We will continue teen numbers next week.

Religion:  Jesus performed a miracle at the Wedding at Cana by turning the water into wine.  We have decided that we couldn’t do that but we Believe in Jesus. Thank you for sharing your wedding pictures with us as we used them in our Holy Family Album.

Science:  We learned more about motion with  push  and pull and the force of what happens when two balls and cars collide.

STREAM:  100 day necklaces, we counted out 100 froot loops and put them on pipe cleaners to make a necklace to use on Monday.

We have one more day of rollerskating on Tuesday, February 4, remember to bring your helmets to wear.

Valentine’s Day is February 14,  an email was sent this week with a class list for your child to make a Valentine for each student in class.  We will make a Valentine Bag holder at school. Our party will be on February 14, all are welcome to come and help.

February Calendar Dates:

Monday, February 3 100th day of school!

Friday, February 14 Valentine’s Day Party  and Scholastic Book Orders are due use our class code of GMZNK or turn in the order form with a check made out to Scholastic

February 17 and 18 Midwinter break No School

Wednesday, February 26 Ash Wednesday