November News

Colder Weather: With the colder weather please make sure your child is bringing a hat and mittens with his/her coat. We will go outside, they need the correct warm clothing to enjoy playing outside.  Practice zipping your coats on your own and putting on your hats and mittens. I will help them but they need to become independent  in  getting dressed for outdoor weather.  If they wear boots please make sure to send shoes to school.

Baptism picture needed:  We will be learning about the Sacrament of Baptism the week of November 11. If you have an extra picture,   4 X 6 size,  your child can bring in to help us learn about this Sacrament.  We will be gluing it in our Religion book, so make sure it is one you don’t want back.

Religion:  We heard the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.  We learned that they made a choice to not obey God which means they sinned.  We drew pictures of rules we need to follow at home to keep us happy and safe.  We will learn more about Adam and Eve next week.

Reading:  We read Animal Babies in Grasslands in which we saw the mother animal and its baby. We learned the main idea of the story was was animals that live in the grasslands. We learned that a baby lion is called a cub and the mother lion does the hunting.  A baby zebra is a foal, kangaroo a joey, elephant  a calf, prairie dog a pup. The students really enjoyed this story about animals.  Our letter is Pp, we discovered many great words that begin and end in Pp. We listened to the stories If you Give a Pig a Pancake, If you Give a Pig a Party to help us hear some great Pp words.  We read Pat the Cat, practice reading it at home.  Adjectives taught us that they describe a noun like the color words or big, small.  We will learn more about adjectives next week. New Sight Words: we, my, like.

Math: The number 10. We learned  what 2 numbers make up the number 10 using cubes like 5 &5, 6 &4, 8 & 2..  We put numbers in order from 1 to 10 going forward and backwards.  We also solved story problems by drawing pictures and then comparing them.  Keep practicing writing the numbers 0-10 at home.

Science: Five Senses We read Curious George Discovers the Senses. We have a song about the Five Senses.  We learned about our sense of sight using our eyes and our sense of hearing using our ears.  We went outside and drew things we could see and hear.  Our STREAM activities:  Sight: The kids looked at a tray of objects and then tried to remember what they saw by drawing pictures.  There were 12 items on the tray.  Hearing:  The kids listened to objects and had to guess what they heard.  Next week we will explore our other three senses

November Dates:

November 11 Picture Retake Day

November 14 Day of Sharing

November 18-December 4 Swimming Lesson at Holland Aquatic Center  our time is 10:00-10:45 . You are welcome to come watch your child swim.  Your child may bring goggles to use in the pool. They provide the swimsuit and towel.

November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break No School