Five Days of Funding – Goal $80,000

How are you called to spread the spirit of Catholic Education?

Funding NeedsGoalRaised
Bus Buddy$10,300$4,150
Preschool Partner$7,350$750
Tuition Angel$42,000$31,005
Student Saint$13,450$1,300
Chapel Champion$6,700$575

Five Essential Components – Five Days of Funding

The mission of our school is to welcome all children, enrich their knowledge, nurture their faith, and build their character in a Catholic Christian environment.  Because this is a bold undertaking, we rely on the spirit of our Catholic Community to carry this mission forward.  Five Days of Funding is focused on 5 areas where donors can make a direct difference in Catholic Education.  This five day fundraiser will run from February 10th – 14th, 2020.  Every dollar will help us reach our goal of $80,000.  Pass your spirit of Catholic Faith on by donating today to these essential components of Corpus Christi School:

Day 1 – Bus Buddy – $10,500

Did you know Corpus Christi owns and operates its own bus?  Without it, almost a quarter of our students would not have access to our school and a Catholic education.  By partnering with us as a Bus Buddy, you help us to continue to provide this crucial service to our families and help us to serve our community outside of the West Ottawa school district.  Our students love Mr. Tom, our bus driver, and he shows the utmost care for our kids and gets them to school safely and on time!  Your support here helps us to keep providing transportation to our students and also providing more reliable transportation for field trips and excursions.  Our bus is a “green” bus, meaning it leaves much less of a carbon footprint than your typical big yellow buses.  Help us to continue to be sustainable, reliable, and accessible to all those who desire a Catholic education.

Day 2 – Preschool Partner – $7,350

Corpus Christi Catholic School is blessed to offer 3-year-old and 4-year-old options for preschool!  Because of your support, we are able to keep costs low to open this option up to many in our community.  Research has proven time and again that early literacy is critical for the development of college-ready graduates, and our program helps to foster the skills to set children up for success!  Your support as a Preschool Partner helps to continue this important work.  Our preschool students are also our first participants in our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.  Students visit the Atrium weekly to explore their faith on their level and at their pace, opening them up to a rich and beautiful friendship with Jesus.  As a Preschool Partner you will help to provide experiential learning on multiple field trips, a healthy and nutritious daily snack, and much needed supplies for developmentally appropriate activities.

Day 3 – Tuition Angel – $42,000

Our mission is to create and form disciples of our students, and by partnering with us as a Tuition Angel, you can help make that possible for more children.  Over half of our students come to us with financial need; help us to meet this need and open wide the doors to Christ!  It costs $175 per week to educate a child at Corpus Christi — with your help, we can make a Catholic education more accessible to all in our community.

Day 4 – Student Saint – $13,450

At Corpus Christi Catholic School, we provide an excellent faith-centered education.  We aim to provide our students with the experiences and resources necessary to fully realize themselves alive in Jesus Christ.  By partnering with us as a Student Saint, your support will help us continue to send our students on field trips to enhance their learning experience.  Whether sending our kids to the Outdoor Discovery Center, the Michigan Supreme Court, the State Capitol Building or the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, we hope to kindle in them a fire to know more about their faith, their world, and themselves.  A donation as a Student Saint will also help us keep top-notch resources available to support their education in math, literacy, science, and beyond.

Day 5 – Chapel Champion – $6,700

Be a Chapel Champion!  We are blessed with a beautiful sacred space, right in the heart of our school.  We gather here as an entire school each morning for prayer and virtue education and weekly for Mass, which we invite our community to attend.  Your support as a Chapel Champion helps us to provide materials for the sacraments and our liturgical music program.  In addition, we are currently accumulating funds to upgrade the sound system — helps us to proclaim the Word of God so ALL can hear!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, Corpus Christi School has been able to provide Catholic Education to area families – including those with limited financial resources, for the last two decades.