Make a Donation

Corpus Christi Catholic School is blessed to be supported by so many benefactors determined to grow the school and nurture our students and their families.  Because of the generous financial giving of the parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake and St. Francis de Sales as well as the Holland-Zeeland community, the school’s programs and opportunities continue to expand and excel with each passing year.

Because of our donors, many families who might otherwise struggle with the financial obligations of tuition are aided with generous assistance and scholarships. Our “Nurturing the Spirit of a Child” tuition appeal is an annual event that many supporters routinely contribute to.  While the campaign is typically held in late October – early November, we are grateful to many benefactors who send in donations throughout the year.

There are a variety of ways to donate to our school.  If you would like to consider a donation, please contact Ms. Jennifer Liniewski, Corpus Christi’s Principal & Development Director at (616) 796-2303 or

Thank you!  We are so grateful for your support!