School Update for Parishes

School Update for Parishes

Dear Parishioners,

Corpus Christi is poised to flourish!  We are excited to tell you some of the reasons why…

From a safety perspective, Corpus Christi, in keeping with Ottawa County Department of Public Health and State of Michigan requirements, has plans for each of the Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5 conditions.  All staff are prepared and ready to teach accordingly.  We will keep all our students safe and will strictly follow all safety guidelines and requirements from the Health Department. This includes safe distancing, proper and frequent cleaning of the school, wearing masks for 5th grade and older students/staff, and monitoring of health conditions of all students/staff to prevent any spread of illness (cold, flu and certainly COVID-19.)  Corpus Christi is known for its motto in caring and developing children’s “Knowledge, Faith & Character”.   We can certainly add Safety to this as well now.

Corpus Christi has curriculum plans for in-class learning, for remote learning, and has the technology and materials to support every student whether in-class or remote.  As you may recall, in the spring when we switched to remote learning, we did so over a weekend…we never missed a beat!  Corpus Christi staff did a fantastic job of continuing to teach (remotely) and academically completed the school year unphased by COVID-19.  This summer, we improved and enhanced our remote learning methods and tools; Corpus Christi is even more prepared to handle the school year should it include remote learning.  Although we fully expect to be in-class 5 days a week, we are ready to teach remotely should it be deemed necessary by the state or local health department.

Corpus Christi expects to grow in the near future. We continue to have more and more interest and excitement about Corpus Christi.  Accordingly, we are hoping and planning for growth.  Additional resources, curriculum, and programs are all being considered and planned as enrollment increases. We have a very enthused Board supporting the school and an excellent faculty in place. With uncertain times in our world, more parents are investigating Corpus Christi.  They are recognizing that particularly in troubled times, it is especially important to have their children in the caring faith-filled environment of Corpus Christi. Parents see the love, care, nurturing and commitment to their children that is special at Corpus Christi.

We ask our parishioners to please share this good news with anyone that has children or might be interested in Corpus Christi.  All are welcome!

Lastly, thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Paul Borum | Enrollment Coordinator
Corpus Christi Catholic School
e. | p. (231) 670-2247

Jennifer Liniewski | Principal
Corpus Christi Catholic School
e. | p. (616) 796-2300